9 Signs Your Ex Actually Sees You As 'The One Who Got Away'

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The one that got away. We all have one. You know, the person who you wish you could get back together with, the one who might just be the love of your life?

We don't always agree with the decisions we made in the past, which is why we often look back at old relationships and wonder why we ended them in the first place. If you're wondering if your ex still has feelings for you, there's some telltale signs. Here are 9 ways you can know for sure if your ex views you as the one who got away.

He Likes An Instagram Post From Three Months Ago

He Likes An Instagram Post From Three Months Ago

If he had to scroll, he's still into you. End of story.

He Never Told Anyone You Were Broken Up

He Never Told Anyone You Were Broken Up

If he goes out of his way to keep your break-up a secret, then yeah. He definitely misses you.

He's Not Seeing Anyone

If he hasn't seen anyone since you guys broke up, he might be holding out hope to get back together with you.

He Keeps Trying To Show Up Where You Are

Seriously, why else would he come to your best friend's birthday? He obviously just wants to see you.

He Texts You On The Holidays

There is literally no reason for an ex to wish you a Happy New Year. He misses you, end of story.

He Asks Your Friends About You

If he's trying to figure out how you're doing, he wishes he was still with you. Plot twist: he doesn't actually care about your promotion at work.

He Texts You In The Middle Of The Night

If he's still booty calling you, he's not totally over you. He also is definitely immature.

His Life Is Falling Apart Without You

If he's totally given up on life, it's a hint he misses you. His world is falling apart now that you're not in it.

He Tries To Make You Jealous

If he's trying to hook up with your friend, it probably has more to do with you than your friend. Also, try to save your friend.

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