Everything You Need To Know About 'Mean Girls' The Musical

Mean girls
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All of your hopes and dreams for the last decade are officially answered. The Mean Girls Musical is here, and it's every bit as fetch as we could have imagined.

It's been over a decade since the iconic, Tina Fey-brainchild production came out, and we haven't been the same since. It's really no surprise that the most quotable movie of our lifetime was transformed into a musical. You'll be happy to know that Tina Fey was at the helm of this one too, which basically confirms that it's worth buying a ticket to see.

The Mean Girls Musical premiered in early November in D.C. (it'll be moving to Broadway in April) to largely positive reviews. Fey penned the screenplay, which essentially proves there's nothing she can't do.

There's no point summarizing the plot of Mean Girls, since basically every human with a pulse knows about Cady Heron being a homeschooled jungle freak at this point. 

What might be interesting is how the musical differs from the movie, according to reviews. Here's what Variety  had to say about it:

"The approach is announced immediately in a clever opening scene that introduces Cady’s exciting life in Africa and its perpetual dances between predators and prey. The scene, which includes performers dressed as tigers, quickly gives way to another dangerous dance – with the denizens of a suburban high school.

Fey’s book flows nicely from high points to low while seldom missing opportunities for impertinence. Example: “Hmmm, America. Maybe I can meet an obese person,” chirps Cady when told of her move from Africa. Other deviations from the film include replacement of a prominent projector room sex scene with an even funnier contrivance. It ends, of course, with its timeless morality message."

@meangirlsbway via Instagram

The Mean Girls Musical will come to Broadway in April, which gives you just enough time to save up for front row seats to the only show any of us care about. Hamilton's got nothing on the Cady vs. Regina smackdown that basically marked our coming of age into adulthood.

Now, all you have to do is find the fugliest effing skirt you've ever seen to wear to the premiere.

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