This Couple Took The Most Epic Engagement Photos At A Chili's & We Love Them For It

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Where is your dream engagement location?

Usually people go for on top of a mountain, or on a deserted beach, or at the place where they had their first date. 

All of those spots are great, but what about going for the least cliché spot of all time and getting engaged at a Chili's?

@Krista_Doyle via Twitter

Imagine this: you're sitting across from your favorite person in the world, the person that you're madly in love with, and you're sipping out of a massive margarita and sharing a pile of greasy, delicious nachos while you wait for your fajita platter to come out.

Not convinced? Well, you might be after you hear this story.

Krista Doyle (a writer, author and Twitter comedian) and her partner Kelly didn't technically get engaged at Chili's, but they took their engagement photos there and they are so. Freaking. Cute.

@Krista_Doyle via Twitter

In conversation with HelloGiggles, Krista said that Chili's was the source of so many good times with Kelly that it made sense to take pictures there. 

"Kelly likes Chili’s, too, but she more just supports my obsession and will come with me whenever there’s something I want to celebrate, or if we’re just looking for some comfort food...We once won a free Tesla ride and had the driver take us to Chili's!" 

But Krista didn't stop with the photos. She made sure to be as savvy as possible about it, and she tagged Chili's in her engagement photo tweets.

Of course Chili's freaked out as much as we did and totally loved the whole situation. What better PR could you ever have than this whole thing?

We're hoping that the gift is free catering for their wedding, courtesy of the best chain restaurant around.

The nice thing about this story isn't that they got something out of it (seriously, what do you think Chili's gave them?), but more that they represent the right way to do a wedding: to make it totally yours and to match your relationship. 

More couples should ditch the mountaintop and head to their favorite, sort of corny locale to do stuff like this. 

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